DNS Over Https (Doh 🍩!)

The DNS protocol has come under scrutiny in the last few years because it remains as one of the last bastions of unencrypted data transmission over the network. There have been multiple proposals such as

  1. DNS over TLS
  2. DNSCurve
  3. ...
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WWE Entrance Music

Everyone deserves an entrance music to announce their arrival into a room. I think this was the biggest perk given to WWE wrestlers. In an attempt to replicate this behaviour, I wrote a fun little program in Golang that you...

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Linux Tips And Tricks

It seems that publishing a post of Linux tips & tricks is a rite of passage that all engineers must go through. More importantly, it’s a bookmark for my future self to find these eclectic mix of commands easily with...

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Letter to my 21 years self

Dear 21 year old Twerp,

Life has been good to you. It’s been predictable and quaint. You are starting a professional career in software engineering. This will end up being your life for the next few decades. Don’t worry, you’ll...

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Ubuntu Setup

The excitement of a new OS or new laptop is palpable. But installing applications that you need to get work done can involve a little drudgery. I formalized the setup in the form of a shell script to ensure that...

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NIPS Notes Day II

This post is a continuation of a series. You can view the first part here.

Keynote I: Intelligent Biosphere

The day started with a very beautiful presentation by Dr. Drew Purves It was a very high level...

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NIPS Notes Day I

Since there’s so much happening at NIPS on a daily basis, I thought it’ll be easier and better for me to table my thoughts and learnings in a post each day.

Disclaimer: I’m a distributed systems engineer who’s now interfacing...

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Ops in the age of Chatbots

How we got here?

The world of Devops has been in constant flux over the last few years. Everything about it has been contested, re-thought and re-done. The profession of “System Administrators” was taken over by developers, given a new...

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Git Basics

I just came on-board a spanking new startup as the CTO. Fortunately/unfortunately, we have a few folks who are very young. Since they are young, they haven’t yet developed a sense of “this is how we do things”. This is...

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Hello World

This is the first post in yet another effort to regularly blog. Yes, I have discipline issues :(.

But, here’s keeping my fingers crossed. As they say, 3rd time’s a charm!

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